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1. Is there any nudity in the site?

No, this is a costume fantasy site so you get what it suggests. The erotic factor is all in the imagination.


2. Are there any videos available?

Yes. There will be "Cosplay Specials" available from the Oh La La Glamour Girls store.


3. How old are the girls?

All the present girls are in their twenties or thirties, apart from one 19 year old, but the age is of no concern providing the girl is attractive. Obviously there will be no under age girls appearing in the videos.


4. What size are the pictures?

1200 x 800 pixels mostly. Some are 1200 x 900 and there are a very small amount shot long ago that are a little smaller.


5. Do you keep records of customers' purchases?

Yes the Oh La La Store has a built in database


6. How about custom made videos?

Yes. Simply email us with your requirements ( anything considered within reason) and we will meet your demands, but they won't be cheap. Like any 'one off ' item, the cost would be the same as filming for mass production but with only one reimbursement possibility so the price would have to be fixed accordingly.


7. Do the girls enjoy this type of work?

Yes. They love it. I think it shows in the pictures and videos. It is an opportunity for them to do something 'naughty but nice' and at the same time very glamourous.


8. Do you take girls on recommendation for modelling assignments?

Bit of a difficult area this. We always consider any girl who has the right attributes i.e. pretty face, nice legs, shapely bottom etc., but would hate to upset a customer by turning down his wife or girlfriend, best friend's wife or girlfriend etc. But if she can Cancan...................!


9. Will you answer any other questions?

All email or snail mail is answered to the best of our ability and as soon as possible.

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  22-01-07 - Here we are at last. I hope the concept is what you expected it to be. Based on the Japanese cosplay sites but with an obvious leaning towards upskirt and cancan. Hey guys just enjoy...

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